Where Do Bullets Go After Firing Them Straight Into The Air:

Where Do Bullets Go After Firing Them Straight Into The Air:

The Advent of Guns Canons in Wars and Their Destruction:

Where Do Bullets Go After Firing Them Straight Into The Air Human history provides a reliable testimony to the aggressive nature of man. His bellicosity belies his broad claims to progress, civilization, and crown creature-hood. It is a pity that this tendency overtakes nations as well as makes them impose bloody wars on the other countries under very flimsy pretexts. History of humanity is nothing but a pathetic story of perpetual sorrows, a heart-rending tale of plunder and repine, a dark odyssey of destruction and carnage, a sad saga of waste and horror. With the inception of revolutionary science and technology, man’s covetousness and its hunger for lust and bounties have been increased up to a limit that its ultimate success started digging its pitfall. The man who was riding on the pinnacles of glory and triumph has now come to nadir. Weapons, bullets, rifles, anti-aircraft guns are so much popular that every tom dick and harry can have its hands on it. With the so-called paperwork and license, one can have easy access to these atrocious weapons. Ostensibly, not everyone is a minister or so-called PM who needs security or a high alert or a bunch of army troops. Having guns and weapons is now becoming a trend. Everyone wants to put their hands on these gruesome products, merely to show their power, their wealth, and their so-called expensive hobbies. These amateurs when preferring their hobbies over humans. It is the point where the ultimate devastation starts. Not everyone is skilled in holding a massive rifle or guns. Bullets and weapons are not a piece of cake or not a child’s play. They should be tackled and handled with great care because one’s smallest negligence could cause a massive loss of someone else.


Aerial Firing:

Nowadays, it is becoming a custom or a ritual to do aerial firing as a staple of being so modern or belonging from a well-off background without giving it a second thought. These so-called brandish acts could lead to severe issues later on. People tend to celebrate their happiness by making someone else’s night dreadful or in hospitals. These stray fires could easily stab someone’s skull, poke through the chest or hit legs or other body parts leaving the aged, weak, and the disabled to breed the next generation. These acts of vengeance and anger could ravage someone else’s family. The terminal velocity of these stray guns is so high that it could easily smash someone’s head.

When A Bullet, Fired from The Weapon, It Attains Terminal Speed, Which Is About 1700 mph. Concerning the Law of Conservation of Moment, To Conserve the Energy of The Bullet, The Gun Recoils at A Higher Rate.

This speed provides a sudden jerk to the hand carrying the weapon. If the person is an amateur, he tends to lose the balance, which would cause the projectile to bend its path from the trajectory resulting in missed aim.

Thus, These Guns When, Fired at An Angle Of 90 Degrees, They Tend to Come Back at An Average Speed Of 400 mph, Endangering the Persons in The Immediate Vicinity.

Physics Behind the Stray Bullets:

The speed of sound in the air is 767 mph, and that of the cartridge is 1700 mph, it means the impact of the shot on the material is 1000 times faster than any other thing due to its speed. Referencing, the law of conservation of momentum stated, higher the rate greater is the impact. Because bullets have a weight of about four grams, their magnificent speed gives them a great punch. In the firing angle matters a lot; for the aspect, less than 45 degrees, the height reached by the projectile and the range both would be less. However, an angle of 60 degrees, the bullet despite reaching the zenith or the apogee, could not have the ability to cover the maximum distance. The speed of the shell becomes zero at its highest point. On returning, the bullet is gravitated towards the center of the earth but loses its momentum due to the frictional forces, and air resistance, and hence, the speed of the bullet becomes 150 mph, which is one percent of the total gear. It seems that collision would be less, but it is not valid. A force of 50 N would be enough for a bullet to penetrate through our skull. Alternatively, an object traveling at a speed of 136 mph would be enough to enter in someone’s skin. On the other hand, it does depend upon the physiology or daintiness of a person’s body.


The Firing of Bullets at Different Angles:

There are various angles and orientations for firing a shot. One should take into consideration that every weapon has that thump. It only depends upon the frictional forces and the perspectives for the projectile because this angle would determine that if the motion would be parabolic straight or circular. The bullets fired at an angle without any collision or clash would have higher speeds, and they maintain their rates at greater distances. Shots are potentially fatal, depending upon the orientations of impact.


Casualties Due to Aerial Firing:

In Pakistan, many injuries are reported from time to time. These casualties are mere because of someone’s mistakes. For instance, 11 people died, due to these aerial firing over a tenure. Pedestrians and bystanders are the ultimate victims of these stray bullets. These stray bullets came from now where and get into someone’s body. According to the express tribune, “The sumptuous victory of Pakistan against India resulted in the celebrations which went beyond limits, causing the mortality of a 5-year old green in the western area of Pakistan”. As per the daily report stated that in June 2017, regarding the death tragedies after Pakistan’s epic victory claimed that almost two died, and many were severely injured.

These Aerial Firings Are Not the Stigma of Pakistani Culture but Had Their Roots in Every Nation.


Property Damage: These bullets stuck into someone’s house even on a tree or could create holes in a building. Aerial firing could also rupture a pipeline or a sewage system promoting pollution and destruction on a vast scale.


Where Do Bullets Go After Bomb Shelling and Airstrikes in Occupied Nations:

The sores of Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnya, Ireland, Afghanistan, and Kashmir are a living example of drone attacks aerial firing, bomb shelling and so on the double standards of the world. The inhabitants of these hapless areas are the constant victims of these brutal acts. These stray bullets have killed thousands of innocent inhabitants.

In Palestine, a 13-year-old girl died due to the headshot by a stray bullet. These stray bullets could exceed their speed up to 400 mph, which is twice the speed required to poke through some one’s head.

These bullets could cause a massacre of destruction when used in the forms of airstrikes or bomb shelling. These airstrikes and bomb shelling reduce the mighty significant buildings into rubble. They were smashed, seared, and crushed and left with widows, the orphans, and he childless, mourn for their dearest the wrecked homes and miserable sights of devastation.

“Bullets, Guns, Or Riffles May Be, Are the Prized Possessions of Someone’s Glory and Arrogance, But It Could Turn into Someone’s Life into The Misery of Despair.”


Precautionary Measures Regarding Aerial Firing:

Most of the countries have banned celebratory firings or atmospheric firings. A person accused of celebratory gunfire would be arrested and sent to jail. Whereas on the other hand, in a few cities of different countries, fireworks are also banned from ensuring the maximum security of the pedestrians.

In the Republic of North Macedonia, If A Person Is Found to Be Guilty of Charged Allegations About Him Regarding Aerial Firing, He Would Be Sentenced to Jail for Approximately 11 Years.

In The USA, The Crimes Varying from Aerial Firing to Fireworks Could Lead to A Felony or Substandard Punishment Depending Upon the Severity of The Crime.

On the Other Hand, There Is the Law Regarding Aerial Firing If Any Harm Happens to The Locals. The Person If Causes Any Fatality, The Law Reinforcements Are Only Limited to A FIR. That Is Why Many Cases Go Unreported

Governments should find ways to stop this act of negligence and ignorance. Any miscalculation, misjudgment, or misinterpretation of the events could relegate all over discoveries and inventions to the old story of the past. The Ministry and the Law enforcement organizations should take this matter seriously and behave in wrath with the people who do these acts for merriment; otherwise, the future of our preceding or upcoming generations would be at stake. Awareness campaigns should gather a mass to eradicate ignorance regarding aerial firings. Not to speak of solving a problem, it gives rise to a vicious cycle of revenge and retribution.


We Must Learn to Ignore Our Petty Interests and Prejudices to Rise to The Occasion and to ‘Take the Right Decision’.