What are the Average Wages in Canada?

What are the Average Wages in Canada?

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What are the Average Wages in Canada? Canada receives over half a million immigration applications every year. Foreigners migrate to Canada for business, education, employment, tourism, etc. The Canadian lifestyle, its fantastic facilities, and high wages attract citizens of other countries.

As of 2020, 35,000 new jobs have been created in several categories of occupations. The wages offered in Canada are relatively higher compared to the many other countries of the world.

In the Article Below, I Will Tell You the Average Wages of Several Occupations Offered in Canada. Read the Article Carefully and Retrieve All the Important Information.

Categories of Occupation

In Canada, there are three predominant categories of occupation:

  1. High-skilled Occupations

  2. Semi-skilled Occupations

  3. Low-skilled Occupations


  • The jobs requiring higher education, such as a master’s degree, fall into high-skilled occupations. University professors, government officials, department heads, software engineers, doctors, bank managers, journalists, etc. are examples of high-skilled workers.
  • Jobs that do not require higher education but field-related skills and experience come under the semi-skilled category. These jobs are skill-based and require subject-related college degrees or high school diplomas with extensive experience. Plumbers, electricians, engineers, secondary school teachers, nurses, etc. are examples of semi-skilled workers.
  • Low-skilled jobs are those that neither requires higher education nor job-related skills. These jobs require just the physical abilities of an individual. Cleaners, farm-workers, waiters, etc. are examples of low-skilled workers.

Significance of the Occupation Categories

The wages of a job depend upon the categories mentioned above. If your occupation falls into the high-skilled category, the wages will be considerably higher than the other two categories.

The wages of semi-skilled jobs come below the high-skilled jobs. Semi-skilled jobs are in demand in Canada at the moment. Most foreigners migrate to Canada by getting semi-skilled jobs.

Low-skilled jobs are paid the lowest in Canada. These jobs do not require higher education or job-related skills. Therefore, the average wage of low-skilled jobs is the lowest among the three.


Average hourly wages in Canada

Software Developer:

$35 in Toronto

$35.60 in Vancouver

$29.50 in Winnipeg


$26.50 in Toronto

$25 in Vancouver

$21 in Winnipeg

Industrial Electrician:

$36 in Vancouver

$39 in Calgary

$31 in Winnipeg

Certified Accountant:

$35 in Alberta

$29 in British Columbia

$33.30 in Ontario

Human Resource Officers:

$24.20 in Ontario

$24.20 in British Columbia

$25 in Winnipeg

Administrative Assistant:

$22 in British Columbia

$21 in Winnipeg

$22 in Ontario

Computer & Networking Technicians:

$22 in British Columbia

$22 in Ontario

$21 in Winnipeg

The hourly wages of some occupations are mentioned above. The wages also depend upon the area you are working in. For example, the wages in Toronto and Vancouver are higher than some of the other parts of Canada. This is because the cost of living in Toronto and Vancouver is considerably higher than in other parts of Canada.

The Article Gives Detailed Information About Wages in Canada. The Wages Primarily Depend Upon the Categories of Jobs. Use the Information Provided in The Article to Find Employment in Canada.

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