UK offers 150000 Jobs for Pakistanis !!

UK  Demanded 150,000 Health Professionals From Pakistan

There was a memorandum of understanding between Pakistan and the UK in which they promised to provide 150,000 Pakistani doctors, nurses, and medical staff to the UK for the health sector.



Medical Staff

A few days back, this memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between the Pakistani employment requirement bureau AFCO PVT and UK health care (MMC-Health Care Limited).

  • Pakistan will be sending great numbers of medical staff to the UK in coming months
  • A job portal was launched by the Governor of Punjab, Pakistan, for job recruitment of Pakistani Doctors.

During the inauguration of the job portal by Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, Governor of Punjab, said that the socio-economic development of both countries would be increased on recruitment of doctors, nurses, and medical staff.

It was also ensured that the General practitioner (GP) system of the National Health Service (NHS) is adopted in the UK. Along with this, they will provide funds for mediation to the remote area residents.

The jobs are published on the portal and will be available for Pakistani medical professionals in a post-Brexit scenario.

After the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), and oversee the job portal inauguration by the Governor of Punjab, it would help the Pakistani medical staff to avail the opportunity of recruitment. 

The sectors which would be benefited from MOU?

Only the health sectors will get a benefit from this memorandum.

Doctors, nurses, medical staff, pharmacists, and allied paramedics can apply through the job portal in this program.

How many professionals are able to apply in this program?

The applicant quota has been set by the government in this program includes these professionals:

  • Almost 25 000 Doctors
  • Nurses Quota Will Be 80,000 To 100,000
  • It Includes 10,000 Pharmacists
  • 20,000 Allied Paramedics

This memorandum is very useful for the Pakistani medical staff because it would help them to enjoy the best career services in the UK health sector.

On the basis of a report given by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, till last year March, almost 40,000 Pakistani were counted that are giving their medical services in foreign countries, and 18,000 Pakistani doctors are settled in the USA, and 6000 (3rd of this) are settled in the UK and other European countries.  

State Bank of Pakistan’s quarterly report gives the details of the amount sent by the Pakistani migrant workers, which are estimated at USD 2.004 billion in July-January as compared to the previous year with USD 1.504 billion. MOU will help to enhance great numbers of Pakistani doctors in foreign countries. 

Important Sites:

The official sits that are used for getting details of the memorandum are:

AFCO Pvt Ltd official website:

MMC Health UK official website:

Note for Consideration:

Most of the fake agents have started their work of opening fake websites for the recruiting process along with this memorandum. Try to avoid them and don’t pay them your money. Also, keep in mind that the government and other institutions will open their recruitment process soon enough.

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