New UK Immigration Policy 2020

Announcement of new UK Immigration Policy with changes in a point-based system 

New UK Immigration Policy 2020 According to Priti Patel, Home Secretary, UK has taken control of the immigration policy from 2020 and onwards, which will also halt routes for cheap and low skilled labor. Home Secretary said in his interview with BBC that they wanted the people with the right skills in the UK. 

           This policy will help to decrease the number of immigrants, which is currently stated as 70%, and most of the immigrants are low skilled workers who will not be allowed in the future. This new immigration policy will also enable immigrants to earned 70 points from 130 if they want to apply for a work visa. The point-based system introduces by them will increase the control of the government. A job forms a UK employer, English knowledge and skills, a low salary will allow the immigrants to get a work visa quickly.


 This policy can help the country in a way that 3.2 million EU citizens who have applied for a stay in the UK will fulfill the labor demands in the coming years as the UK is not taking low skilled workers. According to the government, this policy will come into action from 1 Jan 2021. This system will eliminate the difference between EU and non-EU citizens, which was for decades. It will help the UK to get workers based on their skills and talent instead of citizenship. 


UK New Immigration Policy Has the Following Requirements:


  1. Job Offer from A UK Employer
  2. Minimum Level of Salary (Which Was £30,000 Previously and Now As £25,600).
  3. Those Who Don’t Fulfill the Salary Threshold Can Apply with The Minimum Salary Threshold (£20,000) But They Have to Show Skills and Job Offer Is from A Shortage Occupation List. People with Ph.D. In STEM Subjects Can Apply with A Salary Threshold Of £22,000. 
  4. Previously People with A Graduate Degree Were Able to Apply for A Visa, but Now with The Expansion of Skills Threshold A-Levels Qualification Is Also Acceptable for A Work Visa.
  5. The People with Not Suitable Requirements (Salary Threshold Of 70 Points) Can Enter the UK With a Ph.D. Degree in A STEM Subject.
  6. Quality Migrants Can Be Selected Through Global Talents and Post-Study Work Visa with The Help of This Policy.
  7. The Point-Based System Will Be Available for International Students and It Will Require Education, English Knowledge, And Financial Means.
  8. Seasonal Worker Visa Will Have 2500 Quota and It Will Enhance To 10,000 To Fulfill Labor Needs,
  9. EU Citizens and Other Non-Visa Nationals Can Stay in The UK Until 6 Months with No Visa.
  10. EU Citizens, Who Are Staying Outside Till 31 Dec 2019 Can Apply for The EU Settlement Scheme Until June 2021.  

This is similar to the Australian point-based system policy. UK government will start this new immigration policy from 2020. So, all qualified Individuals can apply before Jan 2021. 

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