LMIA Exempt Job Offers

LMIA Exempt Job Offers

Find Out About Those Jobs Offered in Canada Which Don’t Need LMIA

Getting a job in Canada is considerably more accessible than many of the European countries. Canada intakes over 200,000 foreign workers every year. If you are an individual looking to apply for a job in Canada, the information given in this article is very important for you. In the article below, I will explain to you the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and its essential aspects. Some jobs do not require the LMIA, and I will also mention the details regarding those jobs.

What is LMIA?

The Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an official document provided by the Canadian government to a Canadian employer who wants to hire a foreign worker. LMIA is a process to look at whether or not the offered job requires a foreign worker. A positive LMIA shows that the job offered and the employer does not have any Canadian workers available. Hence, there is a need for a foreign worker to occupy this vacant job. To hire a foreign worker, the LMIA must either be positive or neutral. A negative LMIA shows that many Canadian workers are available, and therefore employers cannot hire foreign workers.

LMIA Exempt Job offers

As stated earlier, there are specific jobs offered in Canada which do not require LMIA. These are called the “LMIA exempt job offers.”

  • International Agreements (NAFTA Canada-Columbia FTA, GATS, Canada-Peru FTA): Canada, just like any other country of the world, is involved in many international organizations. These international organizations sign agreements to intake and give jobs to a specific number of workers from the member states. Therefore, all those countries that have agreed to send their workers to Canada do not require the LMIA.
  • Entrepreneurs/Self-Employed Candidates: All those individuals who want to start their businesses in Canada do not need LMIA.
  • Academics: Academics include teachers, professors, and all those related to the field of teaching or education. If you have higher education, such as a master’s degree in a field, you can apply for the job of a teacher in Canada. The academics jobs do not need an LMIA.
  • Spouse and Dependents of Foreign Workers: If your spouse is already a worker in Canada, you will not be needing an LMIA upon applying for a job. Kids of a foreign worker, who is already employed in Canada, do not require an LMIA.
  • Religious Workers: Another category of workers who do not need LMIA is religious workers. Canada is a country of diverse religions and people belonging to several different faiths. Therefore, the Canadian government always welcomes qualified religious workers to come to Canada and preach their teachings and facilitate their respective community.

Other LMIA Exempt Jobs Are as Follows:

  • Intra-Company Transferees
  • French-Speaking Skilled Workers
  • International Exchange Programs
  • Provincial LMIA Exemptions, etc.

To Conclude, There Are Specific Jobs That Do Not Need LMIA. If You Are an Individual Who Has Expertise in Any of Those Jobs, You Must Apply for Them and Try Your Luck.