How to Speak English Fluently

How to Speak English Fluently

How to Speak English Fluently Just Admit the Fact That It Is Robust and Challenging to Learn English. English Has Multiple Words with Different Meanings in Each Sentence. Each Word Is Pronounced Differently in Different Circumstances. Many Words Have the Same Pronunciation, But When We Spell Them, They Sound Different in Different Contexts. So, We Can Say That English Is A Complicated Language.

Many English people don’t speak perfect English. To learn the English language and to speak fluently is not a difficult task for one who has a passion for learning it. It is not possible to talk in the English language fluently if you are a non-native English speaker. You need to improve your communication skills to learn the English language.

Secrets of Speaking English Fluently:

There is a list of secrets that can help you learn and speak the English language fluently and confidently by removing the barriers. These secrete should keep in mind if you ever wanted to be a frequent speaker of English.

English Speaking Forums

If you don’t have any person with whom you can communicate or speak the English language to learn it, then you can join the chat forums, groups. For this purpose, you need to make an account on the online site and start a conversation with a native or non-native English speaker.  It can help you in improving your English.

A forum style website like Quora is the best option. First, you need to read the actual questions and their answers to get a view of it. When you feel that you can talk in English, join the discussion group, and ask your question or give an answer to already questions.

Prefer to pick those topics in which you have an interest in providing authentic answers and questions.

Play Games

You can play English word games for better learning. Scrabble and crossword puzzles are the games that help you understand English words and their meanings. In this way, you can also entertain yourself with the game along with English learning.

If you don’t have friends who want to play with you or have a passion for English, then you play those games online. It is up to you either you choose a real opponent for playing or play against the computer.

Through games, you can learn the English language with fun, and you may be able to enjoy it as well. In this way, you can learn to speak English quickly.

Don’t Focus on Grammar

If you want to write in the English language, then perfect grammar is necessary to consider. But for speaking purposes, there is no need to focus on the ideal syntax. You need to learn the basics of sentence structure for speaking and the English language.

Keep the fact in your mind that you aim to learn and speak the English language fluently. It is not for writing it fluently — there significant difference between speaking and writing. There are a great bunch of rules that are necessary to learn in writing the English language, but there is no need to learn those rules as you want to speak English, and it will help you learn it fast.

Speak in Daily Routine

It is easy to learn the English language if you make it a part of your daily routine. Try to speak in English whenever you can, starts to think in English, (which will help you to switch between languages) talk to yourself in front of the mirror (helping you in using the different expression), Listen to English music and read the English media.

Our mind works in a way that constant reinforcement of things keeps them at the forefront of the brain, and you will be able to learn it fast, even without realizing it.  So, it better to speak English daily.

Talk to Native Speakers

Along with reading English books, magazines, listening to English music, another way of learning to speak in the English language fluently is by talking to native speakers and listens to their talks.  It will help to learn different idioms and phrases used in sentences. The constant learning from them will help to remove the hesitation in speaking the English language.

You need to visit better countries where English is their native language. In this way, you may able to talk with locals who help you in learning. It seems to be embarrassing because when you will speak to them, you make a mistake, and you might not be able to understand what is said to you. But it is the best way to learn a practical application of the English language.

If you wanted to check yourself that where you stand in speaking the English language fluently, try to converse with a native speaker, and you will get an idea.

Online Course

If you feel a need to learn the English language with more practice or you wanted to interact with English learners, then joining is the English language class is the best choice. There are many schools and colleges which provide learning about English. Along with these online courses is a suitable option to choose from them. The headset and microphone will be able to do the job for you.

These online courses include the fluency courses and Rosetta stone program, which help to stay focus, and you will be able to concentrate on your learning. In the online courses, you have competition with your fellows, which create a thought in mind to learn better than others. In this way, you can learn to speak the English language fast with fun.

TV Shows, Movies, and Videos

Speaking of English daily makes you fluent in a short span. Likewise, watching English movies, TV shows with subtitles in your native language, and listening to English music can help in the understanding of different English words with pronunciation.

You need to concentrate on the dialogue in the movie and pick out keywords. Repeat this several times and then try to watch without subtitles to get an idea of how much you can understand the words.

Another good option is to watch YouTube videos. You can make use in a double way by watching videos on English speaking skills.


Listening is the best way to understand the words and learn them. You can spend 1 hour per day listening to the English language to learn it. Listen to the English music audio and podcast in which you have an interest. Spend some time in thinking and to understand words mean. Try to learn the pronunciation of the words and how they are fit together for making a proper sentence structure.

Using an App

The use of an app to learn the English language not only keeps you focused but also helps you in moving forward with studies in a better way than self-studying.

You can install free language apps on your mobile, which are designed to learn fluent English fast like Duolingo. It is an app that uses a game to educate you with seven English words per session.

Practice Daily

The gap between studies affects you in a way that you may need to recall the previous learning along with a new one. You may forget the prior education, and more time can be spent to review the last lesson that you have learned.

It is necessary to practice the English language daily, even for five or ten minutes, to keep the previous learning fresh in your mind. It will eradicate the need to learn the same lessons again and again for recapping and makes the learning process faster.

Concentrate on Reading

Instead of reading books, spend your time reading English novels. It is because if you enjoy the content you are reading, then you will be able to learn fast. Try to read children’s books at first and then go to more complicated books or novels for better understanding.

In the adult literature, it is best to choose the book that interests you, and you knew the trail of the story. It will help you in understanding the meaning and phrases of the word in a better way.

In the reading, two types are considered intensive and extensive.

  • Intensive reading helps you in learning new words and phrases and understands grammar. In this type of text, you pause to understand the meaning of the word.
  • Extensive reading is usually for fun. You like to end the book and don’t look for the meanings of the words.

For a better reading, try to read extensively but also underline phrases or words that you don’t understand. Read several pages or one chapter of the book and then take a look at words that you want to learn.


Now you can understand that it is a complicated and tough task to learn to speak the English language fluently. You need to use the combination of given secrets to get better results and to talk to English quickly.

Keep it in the mind that along with useful skills, it is also fun to learn the English language.

Don’t be so passionate about learning the English language that you may start considering it a task and end up stuck in a rut.

“To Learn Another Language Is Like to Own Another Soul. You Never Become Too Old to Learn A New Language. Let’s You Speak Better English With Fluency.”