How To Mark You Home From Google Map

How To Mark your Home on Google Map

Do you want to See your home on your Smart Phone??

Find out how You can see your home on Google Map and Mark it As-Well

Google is Busy in Upgrading its products for your ease.

You can Find & Mark Your Home on Google Map From Two Different Ways

  1. Mark your Home on Google Map Through Your Smart Phone
  2. Mark your Home on Google Map Through Your Computer / Laptop

How to Mark Home Through Smart Phone

Step One: Open Google Map on your Phone

Step Two: Crate your Account or Login

Step Three: Click on Menu Bar – You will find the menu on upper left corner

Step Four: Find your Home On Google Map (Hint Search for famous places near your home e.g. College / Shopping Mall etc.

Final Step: Go to Missing Places: Click on “Add A Missing Place” Give details of the place and and some information related to the place you have marked on google map

Sent the Information and you will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your marked place

If you want to Mark your Home / Place Through Laptop or Computer then Click Here  

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