How to Get Free Visa of Germany Especially for Pakistanis?

How to Get Free Visa of Germany Especially for Pakistanis?

How to Get Free Visa of Germany Especially for Pakistanis? Germany Is A Western European Country with Beautiful Mountain Ranges, The Landscape of Forests, Rivers, And North Sea Beaches.

Visa of Germany:

Germany gives their visa to foreigners to come to their country for the sake of work and money. Germany has opened its gateway for Pakistanis. Germany allows Pakistanis to go to their country and serve them. It helps Germany to groom and to raise theirs economically.

German company corporate especially with Pakistan and give them the visa of their country and allow Pakistanis to live there for three years. In these three months, they give you a job and pay you.

German Industry Support Program:

Now, Pakistanis can go to Germany without any agent and free with no visa fee or with less cost. It’s a new program in Pakistan. And application processing also starts. This program’s name is German industry support program.

This German industry starts working by collaborating with Pakistani university name as the National University of Technology(NUTECH).In this way, Germany gives free visas to Pakistanis. The deserver Pakistani then goes to Germany through this program with no visa cost.

The Validity of The Visa:

This visa is applicable for almost three years. In this limited-time, Pakistanis can do the job there.

Opportunity for Pakistan To Move to Germany:

  • National University of Technology (NUTECH) has started a new program with the cooperation of the German industry.
  • Pakistan’s young talent will be able to go to Germany for about three years under this program.
  • German Companies Are Ready to Give Their Jobs to Pakistani Youth.

Specialty of German Industry Program:

The specialty of this program is that in the following:

Degree: You do not need any degree or some sort, of course, to apply for the visa to Germany. You do not need any kind of degree.

Experience: You do not need any previous skilled expertise of any kind of job. If you do not have the experience; you can also apply for the visa. .Any job experience is not necessary, but you must have some kind of knowledge in which category you want to use.

ILETS Test: There is no requirement for the IELTS test. You can apply without giving this test. This test is not compulsory.

English Language: You do not need to learn English especially. No English required for this program

Price of This Program:

There are no charges or no fees for this program. you can join freely without any cost. This program is free of cost.

Will Get Any Salary:

Yes, German companies give you a monthly allowance during your program. through this pay, you will be able to meet your expenditures. This company gives you a monthly salary and also trains you.

Duration to Stay in Germany:

  • Under this apprenticeship program, you can stay in Germany for up to 3 years.
  • You can also have training .the companies which are working under this German industry program trains you.
  • You will be to get a work permit afterward. when you completed you these three years, you can also get the work visa of Germany, then you are allowed to work in Germany later.

Category to Apply:

There are almost twenty-three categories in which you can apply. you can apply in any of the given categories.

The list is as follows:

  • Hairdresser
  • Tile Fixer
  • Painter
  • Cnc Operator
  • Beautician
  • Auto Painter
  • Auto Center
  • Sanitary Worker Steel Fixer
  • Ironsmith
  • Heating Technician
  • Old Home Nursing Care
  • Building Joiner
  • Electrician
  • Welder
  • Varnisher
  • Windowmaker
  • Steel Fixer
  • Plumber
  • It Technician
  • Machinery Operator
  • Stone Fixer
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Brick Tier


There are some requirements to apply to this program.

Age: You must be above 18. below eighteen you are not eligible to go and also to apply. so, your age must be above eighteen if you are applying to this program.

Age limit: Your age must be 18-30 years old .if you are in this age, you are eligible to apply in this program.


  • Your education must be FA/FSC equivalent.
  • You must have at least 12 years of complete knowledge. Three years diploma holders are also eligible to apply. the criteria are that you must complete your twelve yeas study.

How to Apply:

Application form: Firstly, you should download the challan form. This challan form is present on the website. you can easily download this form from the link:

Completion of The Challan Form: Then, fill the application form carefully. Complete this challan form clearly and thoroughly. You must not give false information in this challan form. It is terrible for your career and also for your visa and your selection .so, provide your correct and valid information in this challan form, which is required.

Pictures: Affix your photographs with the application form.

Attachments: Then, you should attach the copy of your

  • CNIC
  • Matric
  • FA/FSC/DAE or Equivalent

Sending the application form: Then, you submit this form to the address of National University of Technology(NUTECH)


NUTECH lifelong skilled program, national university of technology(NUTECH)sector I/12, IJP Islamabad,

Procedure of Selection and Visa:

Submission of Form: Then, you should submit the application form by post for this German industry support program.

Eligibility: You must have 40% marks in matric and 60% or above marks in FSC/FA/DAE.

Interview: So, you are standing on these eligibility criteria; you will be shortlisted and called for the meeting by the company.

Medical Fitness Test: After the interview, you have a medical fitness test.

Final Selection: After the fitness test, the National University of Technology(NUTECH) finalizes the list of selected candidates.

German Language Course: If you are selected, you have to do a German language course(B2-level)from NUML university.

This language course is necessary if you get selected in this German industry support program.

Goethe Institute: After doing the German language course, you have to pass out a test from the Goethe Institute.

After that, then your visa processing starts.

All this information is from the website :

It Is Just A Platform to Give You Information About the German Free Visa Program, Especially for Pakistanis.