How to Get Canadian Immigration (Canadian Work Visa and Immigration)

How to Get Canadian Immigration (Canadian Work Visa and Immigration)

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People from All Over the World Looking for Ways to Shift in Canada

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If You Are Looking for A Cost-Friendly Way of Migrating to Canada, There Are Two Main Ways.

 Through A Job Offer

  1. Through Programs Launched by The Government


Through A Job Offer


If You Want to Get Canadian Immigration Through A Job Offer Then You Must Secure A Canadian Job Offer

You will find a complete procedure for securing a job in this article. Keep reading it and understand the process of Getting a Job in Canada.

You should know some facts when you are looking for a job in Canada; you have to keep it in mind that Canada is an international market. People from all over the world rush to Canada because they want better living standard.

Therefore, you have to keep it in mind that this process is not easy. Canadian Work Immigration needs time and patience; there is no formula that is applicable to find a job in seconds.

There could be many reasons for your un-success in getting a job in Canada. Main reason is high Competition. Applicants have to face competition to find employment in Canada. So, develop some skills and make a professional presentable CV that helps you stand out competition.

To find a job In Canada, the first thing you should do is IELTS and get 4 to 4.5 score at least. It is a must to do this because Canada is an English-speaking country. If you don’t have IELTS certification, you can’t secure a job and will never be able to settle in Canada.

How to Apply for A Job in Canada, 2020?

Some Tips for Job Finding

Job Bank Canada

Job Bank Canada is official Canadian government website that advertises job vacancies for Canadian nationals and new commers to \Canada. Search for the job on this website. Just type job bank Canada in google search and google will show you the Canadian official job website.

How To Use Job Bank Canada

CIC Canada

Another Trust able job website is CIC Canada. Just search “CIC Canada” and fins your desired job in Canada. If you do not have a degree but you are a skilled person like a plumber or farmer, your skill-related posts will come in the “d” category. Go to the website CIC Canada, click on immigration and citizenship, and then copy the job selected in job bank Canada on to that website.

You will get information related to that job and the jobs offered by the employers that is related to the selected job.

Select a particular placement, enter your email address with, send an email to the employer giving him or her necessary information about you and your experience, and ask for their positive response.

Attach your CV with the email. You should send your CV to all the employers offering job-related to your field and experience. The qualifications mentioned in it should be related to your skills. For example, if you are looking for a plumber’s job, your CV should incorporate experience and skills related to it. Similarly, if you are looking for a farm job, it should have information related to that.

Another thing you will send along with CV is a cover letter. A cover letter is a formal letter in which you brief the employer regarding your qualification, experience and your contact details etc.

Write job-related things in CV and cover letter. Have patience and keep international standards in mind because people from all over the world apply for jobs in Canada.

You Can Send the Same CV To All Employers, But You Have to Write A Separate Cover Letter for Each

The reason is that you have to mention his or her name at the start of the message. However, if you are applying for different kinds of jobs, then you have to make a separate CV as well. This is a bit tiring and time consuming, but it is essential and have far better results.

This process takes few months, which is nothing if you compare it with individuals applying for visit visas, students, and people going illegally.

Once you get a job, you will surely get Canadian Immigration visa if you do not have a criminal record or medical health problem. You should keep repeating this process of finding placement for at least 3 to 4 months; you will surely find an employer.

The Process of Job Finding

To get a work permit of any country, you need an employer who will offer you a job and sponsor you. Explicitly talking about Canada, even the visit visa is costly. Many poorly educated people like plumbers, drivers, and technicians want to get the work visa of Canada.

Through job bank Canada, you can find jobs related to your skills in Canada. It is the most legitimate website out there and is directly associated with the government.

When you go to this website, go to the search box and write whatever skill you excel in. Whether you are a plumber, a welder, or an electrician and then click on search. As soon as you click search, you will find several vacancies posted by different employers and recruitment agencies.

When you click on any of them, you will see the option to view the full job posting. Upon clicking that, you will be able to see all the details related to that job, including job specifications and qualifications.

You will also find information on the workplace, working conditions, and contact information like email address, etc.

You will have to copy that email address. Then copy the email addresses of the rest of the employers offering similar jobs. After that, you should develop a presentable CV and then send your CV and cover letter to all the copied emails with the help of Gmail.

Keep repeating this process of emailing to different companies. You can make a formal email address just for this purpose. You can narrow down the searched jobs by clicking on advanced search. In this, you will write your job preferences like

  • Type of work
  • Job type
  • Language at work
  • Education or training
  • Provinces and territories

You should not select a particular region because that will significantly narrow down your options. After you get a job offer, you can go to the Canadian embassy to apply for a visa. The fee charges are close to 150 dollars.

Few Hidden Tips for getting the job


Other Websites

Other websites you can use are


Through Government (In 2019) 

2019 is lucky year for the people wishing to go to Canada. The Canadian government has set a target of 320800 immigrants for this year. The goal is significantly high when compared with 2018.

Just like the previous year, most of this quota is most likely to be filled with skilled workers meaning they will be preferred. There are approximately 70 to 80 options available for Canadian immigration.

For migrating to Canada, the two primary programs that you can use are “express entry” launched by the federal government and the “provincial nominee program” initiated by the provincial government.

To find which one suits you the best, go to the official immigration website of Canadian immigration. There you will be able to find a list of all occupations in which Canada needs people through express entry and PNP.

What you have to do is to find the box named filter items and write your education, qualification, and experience or in which job category you want to apply.

For example, if you wish to be placement as a plumber, you will write plumber in the box and click search.

It will show you all the posts related to a plumber, and you can click on them to find out all about these jobs, their requirements, duties, and workplace, etc.

Information regarding the level of employment will be provided along the job information.

This information essential because it will tell you the program that you should be persuading.

For express entry, the level should be zero or A or B. All types of skills and levels can apply for PNP.

Express Entry 

The first program is the “Express Entry,” which is launched by the federal government, and it is for permanent residency. It further has three categories

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Federal Skill Trades Class
  • Canada Experience Class

In the federal skilled category, skilled people can apply for jobs without a job offer. In 2018, fifty-two percent of people went to Canada through this program. For using express entry, they provide a tool named check your eligibility. When you click on that, it will ask you a few questions including your

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Family members
  • Language ability
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Details on any job experience

If it declares that you are eligible, then you can create an account on the express entry website and then submit your profile. Express entry is a point-based system in which you are assigned points according to your qualifications after your profile submission.

For this purpose, the CRS or “comprehensive ranking system” is used. Individuals who are selected are sent invitations to apply based on which they can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program

Through this program, each province takes skilled workers as well as investors. In 2019, the target or number of people to be hired by PNP is sixty-one thousand. In PNP, eleven regions offer different programs.


Go to for complete job details and application process