How to find network security key or saved Wi-Fi passwords in laptop and computer

What is meant by a Network Security Key

The network security key is also called the Wireless or Wi-Fi network password. This is a password that helps you to connect to a wireless internet network. Every router or access point comes with a network security key that is already set by the system. You can change this security password in the settings of the device.

The network security password or key is essential because it helps you to protect your network from any intruders that may use your internet connection without your permission. Without this security key, you become unable to connect to a wireless network. Therefore, you must set up a strong network security key for your network.

It is a common scenario to forget the password of your network. People forget their passwords because once they enter it; they rarely need to reenter it.

In this article, we will explain how to find a network security key or saved a Wi-Fi password on a laptop and computer.

Various types of Network Security Keys

Some background information that you can use to protect your network includes types of networks.

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

The WEP security key is an old type of key that is used for protecting wireless networks. This type of key uses a 40-bit key to encrypt the data between your computers your router.

WEP keys are not used anymore. You should also not use this key because the encryption can be easily cracked and will expose your network to any hacker. The latest routers and access points do not support the WEP key now.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

Nowadays mainly WPA2 is used for encryption of network security key. Security Keys that are encrypted with WPA2 are secure and difficult to crack. The WPA protocols use a TKIP or a temporary key that is changed with every packet.

Finding your Network Security Key

If you own a device that already has a connection to a wireless network, you can find its security key in the device’s network settings. Every device, once connected to a wireless network, saves the key, so it is able to reconnect automatically without having to reenter the password when the network is in range.

How to find the Network Security Key on a Windows 10 Device

If you own a Windows 10 device and it is already connected to a wireless network, then it is relatively easy to find the network security key in Windows 10.

You must the following steps:

  1. Select the Start Menu by right-clicking on the icon
  2. Click on the option Network Connections from the menu
  3. Next, you must click on the Network and Sharing Center
  4. Select your Wireless network
  5. Select the Wireless Properties option
  6. Next, go to the Security Tab. It will show that your password is masked
  7. Tick the Show character’s checkbox, and your network security key will start showing.

How to find the Network Security Key on a Windows 7 and 8 Computer

  1. Connect the device with the network
  2. Go to the Control Panel
  3. Select network and internet
  4. Select a network and sharing center
  5. Click on change adapter settings. (You can also right-click on the WiFi icon from the taskbar, and then select open network and sharing center you should then click on change adapter settings)
  6. Right-click on WiFi ( Windows 8), or Wireless network connection ( Windows 7)
  7. Go to Status 
  8. Select the wireless properties option
  9. Click on security
  10. Tick the show characters checkbox

How to find the WiFi password on a Mac device

The process is very simple to follow:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon (search icon)
  2. Type Keychain Access in the search bar
  3. Look for your Wi-Fi network in the top right corner
  4. Select your network by double-clicking on it
  5. Tick the Show Password checkbox
  6. Then enter the pass code of your MAC device

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