How to Apply for A Job in Canada, 2020?

The Article Explains in Detail How You Can Apply for A Job in Canada

To get the work permit of Canada, you need to find a job in Canada. Many individuals lack in the information regarding Canadian work permit.

Information Regarding Employment in Canada Can Be Taken from Different Immigration Agents

However, immigration agent’s information can be fallacious at times.

In this article I will explain all you need to know about how to find employment in Canada without getting any help from agents. I will also highlight how you can effectively use your CV to increase you chances of getting a job in Canada.

Canada, a Competitive Market

Canada is a competitive market for employment. Many people want to avail this opportunity and try their luck in getting a job in Canada. Therefore, finding a job in Canada from Pakistan is difficult. Due to this competition, employers receive hundreds of applications on a single job post. As a result, employers are always in search of those individuals who have skills related to the offered job as well as other essential skills such as communication and social skills.

Be Patient While Applying for The Jobs!

Canadian Job Market is highly competitive. Finding a job in Canada is time consuming.

You Will Not Be Able to Find A Job Overnight.

The process requires you to have patience and time. You need to apply in as many jobs as possible to raise your chance of being successful.

The Importance Of IELTS

IELTS is essential in finding a job in Canada. To achieve success in your job as well in your social life in Canada, you need the English Language proficiency.

Low skilled jobs don’t often mention IETLS in their requirements. However, having IELTS with a band of 4 to 4.5 in all four areas of English language will increase your chances for the low skilled jobs.

Individuals who may apply without IELTS will have a lesser chance of getting a job. Therefore, IELTS is a highly recommended to get a job in Canada.

How Apply for Jobs?

If you want to apply for a low-skilled job, you need to write a comprehensive email to the respected employer.

With that email, attach your CV or resume. Along with that you need to write a cover letter. In the cover letter mention your name and tell the employer about your application regarding the specific job.

You can mention your skills related to the job briefly in the cover letter. You have to give your contact details so that the employer or the job-offering company can contact you if necessary.

Importance of CV

Many Individuals make mistake regarding CV writing. For example, when they apply for a job of plumber, their CV has irrelevant information regarding other fields of occupation.

This gives the wrong impression.  Make sure your CV only highlights your skills and experience in the job you are applying for. It will tell the employer that you are focused on the job which he is offering you. Your impression will also be positive.

To increase your chances, you need to apply for at least 20 jobs per month.

You may have experience and expertise in several occupations. If this is the case, make sure your CV only highlights your details concerning the job you are applying for.

Have a customize CV for different employers. Don’t forget to send Customized focused cover letter.

Every CV and cover letter will be different as they will have the information concerning the job offered and the employer.

Only the Relevant experience and expertise are counted in Canada.

Benefits of Hardworking & Lengthy Process

The process of applying for a job in Canada is lengthy and time-consuming but it gives continuous long-lasting results.

All processes of migrating to Canada are time-consuming. However, the work visa takes far less time than a student visa or a PR visa program. So, this process of applying for jobs over several months is definitely worth it.

To get work permit visa, most important requirement is a job. Once you have the job offer and contract, the visa process gets easy and simple. Employer offers you the job after getting the “Labor Market Impact Assessment”.

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

This process carried out at the embassy. When you get job letter and contract lMIA process starts at the embassy. It is very simple process. If you do not have any criminal record or a major health disorder, your visa process will be completed relatively quickly. The fee of the visa is also low as compared to other visa programs.

One more advantage of this application process is that you will learn as you go along. You will gather more information concerning the jobs and employers. You will also find out different mistakes that you may have made with regards to application process.

It will be a learning experience for you. After applying for jobs over two or three months, you will become more contented with it. You will also make extensive progress as you apply for more and more jobs. Hence, the lengthy process is not a bad option as it carries many lasting benefits.

In conclusion, employment is an important factor in gaining the work immigration of Canada. There is a specific way to apply for jobs in Canada.

In the above article, I have mentioned all the essentials you need to have in order to apply for an occupation in Canada. I have given details on how to apply for jobs. The use of CV and cover letter is essential for you and the information given in both of these documents will determine whether you get a job or not.

I hope the article will be helpful to you.