How to Apply for A Canadian Work Visa

How to Apply for A Canadian Work Visa

Follow the Information Given in The Article and Apply for The Canadian Work Permit.

Canadian Work Visa

How to Apply for A Canadian Work Visa  Canada offers a huge number of job opportunities to citizens of foreign countries who can migrate to Canada for employment. Every year, around 200,000 workers from foreign countries migrate to Canada. The Canadian government offers a “Canadian work visa” or Canadian work permit to all those workers who wish to migrate to Canada. There is no point-based assessment system put in place by the Canadian government. However, all workers are asked to have the required documents and skills related to their work.

Temporary Resident Visa

To travel to Canada, you will need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). This visa is an official document pasted on the passport of a person who applies to visit and live in Canada temporarily. This temporary resident visa allows you to live in Canada and look for jobs. Once you have found your desired job, you must apply for it. Upon meeting the employer’s requirements successfully, your employer will give you a job offer letter. This will start the process of your “Canadian work visa.” After getting the job offer letter from your employer, you will be able to apply for the Canadian work permit.

LMIA-Labor Market Impact Assessment

Another important document is the “Labor Market Impact Assessment.” LMIA is a document that a Canadian employer needs before employing or hiring a foreign worker. This document shows whether or not there is a need for a foreign worker in the respective job. If the LMIA is positive, it will mean that a foreign worker is needed in this job as there are no Canadian workers available. To hire a foreign worker, the LMIA report must be either positive or neutral. A positive LMIA shows that a foreign worker is required in the offered job.

However, some jobs do not need LMIA. The Canadian government allows foreigners to have an equal chance of getting these jobs as compared to local Canadians. You can search for those jobs which do not need LMIA to apply for them.

Language Requirements

Although it is not mentioned in the criteria, your command in the English Language plays a significant role in successfully getting a job in Canada. High-skilled and Semi-skilled jobs require IELTS of bands 6 and 4, respectively, in the General category. Low-skilled jobs do not require IELTS, but having a grip over the English Language impacts massively in the job application and visa process.


How to Apply for The Visa?

After you have all the required documents, you need to visit the immigration office and apply for the work visa of Canada. The officials will note down your details, including the biometrics. The immigration authorities will verify your documents such as degrees or qualification certificates, job offer letter, and the LMIA.

In conclusion, if you have the correct documents and required skills, it can be enough for you to find employment in Canada.