How to Apply for A Canada Study Visa!

How to Apply for A Canada Study Visa!

Find Out How You Get Can the Study Visa of Canada in 2020.

 How to Apply for A Canada  Study Visa  Canada is famous for its excellent education system. The educational institutions of Canada, the teaching methods, and facilities make the Canadian education system one of the best in the world. Every year students from all over the world migrate to Canada to study. In this article, I will highlight how you can apply for the study visa of Canada. Details regarding all the requirements will be also be given in the article below.

Necessary Requirements

To apply for the study visa of Canada, you need to provide certain documents. These required documents are different. Your health, financial capabilities, as well as Language, is tested before you can get the study visa of Canada.

  • Acceptance Letter: First of all, you need to apply to an educational institution of Canada. Make sure your desired college or university is authorized to give admissions to international students. If you successfully get admission in an educational institution of Canada, you will be given an “acceptance letter.” This is your first step in getting a study visa of Canada.
  • Financial Requirements: There are two parts to financial requirements. The first part is paying the tuition fees. The amount of fees depends on educational institutions and your respective courses or degree programs. The second part of financial requirements is your living costs in Canada during your study period. You need to have at least 10,000 Canadian Dollars in your account. The document which shows that you have the funds to afford your stay in Canada is called Guarantee Investment Certificate (GIC).
  • Medical Requirements: The Canadian government makes sure that no one entering Canada has any major or minor health disorders. Therefore, they ask for a medical certificate which you can get from the doctors approved by the Canadian government. If your medical report or certificate has no negatives, your study visa process moves on to the next part.
  • Language Requirements: Canada is an English-speaking country, and for you to live and study in Canada, you need to have a decent command over the English Language. You need IELTS with six bands in the academic category to get admission in a degree program in a Canadian educational institution. However, some institutions don’t specifically ask for IELTS. You can look for those institutions while applying for admissions.

When you have the documents mentioned above, you can visit the immigration office in your city. Apart from these documents, you will also need:

  • A Valid Passport
  • A Photocopy of Your Biometric Data
  • Family Information Form
  • Academic Documents


Getting a study visa of Canada is simple and straightforward. You need to get admission in an educational institution of Canada. Then you need to prepare the documents mentioned above. Once your documents are completed, you can attach them to the visa application form and submit it to the immigration office. Having good language proficiency and good financial abilities will increase your chance of getting the Canadian Study Visa.


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