Helper Jobs in Dubai

Helper Jobs in Dubai

Anyone desperately looking around for a helper job Helper Jobs in Dubai ??

Now You do not need to worry as there are plenty of such jobs that you can apply for. Helper jobs include

  • Food Packing
  • Helper
  • Medicine Company Driver
  • Hospital Helper Jobs
  • Supermarket Helper Jobs
  • Electrician Helper
  • Kitchen Helper
  • Logistic Coordinator

There are a few requirements that you have to keep in mind, before applying for the helper jobs in Dubai

Eligibility Criteria

  • If you want to work as a helper in any department, you need to be at least 10th – 12th grade passed or having an equivalent diploma. The candidate must have the skills to read & write in English.
  • It would be best if you are physically and medically fit.
  • Freshers and experienced workers are both welcomed to apply and can have the hope of getting hired. However, if you have experience in a particular field and you are applying in that same field then you will be preferred over other candidates.
  • If you get hired, you must be willing to start work on an immediate basis.
  • You should be able to work under pressure if the work burden increases.

Details of Packing Helper Jobs in Dubai

Whether you are a university graduate or just a 10th grade passed and looking for a small-scale job, you can apply for packing employment in Dubai, as they are in high demand. Many companies in Dubai are looking for candidates who regularly work with them as packing helpers and supervisors. Many food companies, garment companies, house shifting companies, and industrial packaging companies are always searching for candidates who are willing to work as packing helpers.

To apply for this job, you should have previous experience in packing and helping; You should know how to wrap up the furniture in cloth and other packing materials. You should also know how to disassemble furniture like beds and wardrobes etc.

Details of Store Helper Jobs in Dubai

As a store helper, you would be required to keep a check on the incoming and outgoing stock in the store. You would be asked to make a record of all the stock that is available in the store. Loading and unloading the van’s stock would also be done under your supervision and done with your help. You also have to look after the cleanliness of the store.

Details of Kitchen Helper Jobs in Dubai

If you are willing to work as a kitchen helper, there would be just a few things that you have to look after. You have to chop the beef and vegetables that would be used by the cook for cooking. You will have to wash and clean up all the kitchen utensils, equipment, and tools. Keeping the kitchen clean and organized would also come under your responsibility.

Details of Factory Helper Jobs in Dubai

You have to assist machine operator assistants to complete their tasks in a way that they produce effective and efficient results. Maintaining a healthy environment and ensuring all the assistants work under given policies and procedures would also come under your duty.

If you are willing to work as a factory helper, you should be able to work in a team and should also be able to lift to 25kg weight.

Details of Electrician Jobs in Dubai

You will be assigned some duties if you are looking forward to work as an electrician in any industry or organization. They are listed below:

  • You should be able to identify electrical problems that occur with the testing devices available.
  • You should also know how to install electrical components and repair the wirings and other lightning systems.
  • You should have the idea of how to install components like electric resistors, circuits, and switches, etc.
  • You should have the skill to repair and substitute damaged units.

A minimum of one year of experience is required to apply for the electrician job.

Details of Logistics Helper Jobs in Dubai

Logistic assistants or helpers are responsible for the shipping and receiving of the goods in the warehouse operations. They also have to look after the transportation activities and movements taking place.

As a Logistic assistant, you would be responsible for the following:

  • You have to make sure that the deliveries made to the customers are based on the invoice.
  • Once the delivery is done to the customer, you have to make sure to get its proof.
  • You have to see whether the product picked for the customer is accurate or not.
  • The cleanliness of the truck should be maintained.


Do jobs in Dubai pay well?

Yes, jobs in Dubai pay well. In most sectors, the workers are produced according to the working hours, and their demand is being kept in mind by the employers. Industries like technology and hospital-related jobs pay well to their workers.

How much do Dubai workers get paid?

Dubai workers get paid on an average of 4000 to 6000 AED per month. They are also facilitated with other benefits such as housing, transport, and additional initiatives.

Is it easy to get a job in Dubai?

Yes, there are many job opportunities in Dubai, and if you are hired by a Dubai company, its easy to maintain your job over there. You are required to have a work visa and minimum qualification of at least grade 10th.

How much does an electrician earn in Dubai?

Electrician jobs pay you well in Dubai if you are experienced. An average salary of an electrician is AED 2,311 per month, However, an experienced electrician with 10-19 years experience would earn around AED 33,433.

What is the highest paying electrician job?

Mechanic, electrical, and plumbing Directors have got one of the highest pays in Dubai. It also depends upon their experience as well as on their working hours.

Do jobs in Dubai pay per hour?

Yes, the pay per hour is Dubai is 120 AED. An average person earns 120 AED approximately if he works every hour.

Is 5000 dirhams considering a good salary in Dubai?

No, 5000 dirhams is not a good salary, and one can hardly manage to pay for their necessary expenses in this salary as Dubai is a costly place.

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