Getting jobs in the UK for work Permit

Getting a job in the United Kingdom for a work permit never becomes an arduous task. You may find tough initially, but later on, when you start exploring different options, things get uncomplicated. There are many ways of finding jobs in the UK. But in case of an online job, you have to be sure that the portal is authentic, and it will not result in fraudulent activity. UK government provides the best job portal given below:


Online jobs for registered and licensed sponsors of the Tier 2 and Tier 5 category can find out on this job portal. But it is compulsory to confirm sponsor registration with the UK government to offer you a job.

After the confirmation of sponsor registration with the UK government, you have to move further and ask your employer to offer you a job contract.

Procedure for Applying for Online Jobs:

You must provide the information about your interest in the job to the desired employer. People usually do it by submission of online application. But if you are not using a job portal procedure for applying, then these steps should be followed:

Step One:

You have to write an email to the employer about your interest in the job and stating your availability for the given position. The email you are sending should be cleared and inclusive, so the employer gets a hint that you are suitable for the advertised job.

Step Two:

Along with your email, attach a cover letter that states the information about the job category you are applying for. This will help the employer to let know of job type and our interest in the job.

Step Three:

Provide your CV with your visa application so the employer may able to know about your skills, qualifications, personal details, and objectives.

After getting a response from the employer, you can apply for a work visa in the UK embassy or visa center.

Requirements for Work Permit:

  • For a work visa permit, you should have a certificate of sponsorship from an employer
  • You should provide information about the job salary that you are being paid at least £30,000 per year for the job. 
  • You should know English with B1 level (4.0 band score and with not less than 4.0 score in each module in IELTS)
  • You have to provide a bank statement by stating money of £945 in your bank account for almost 90 days.
  • You have to show your travel history for the last five years and showing that you can travel, which means you have to show your passport and visas.
  • If you are from a listed country (Pakistan), you have to provide a medical-based document that shows that you have tuberculosis (which is also identified as TB).
  • If you have worked with vulnerable people, also provide the police character certificate from the country you have lived in or in the last ten years.

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