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UK Visa From Pakistan – 2020 Visa Requirements, Process & Documents

Visa Process for Pakistani citizens

Main part of UK visa process is through online procedure, and it is very easy if you understand how it works, following information will provide you an overall glimpse on easy steps to get UK visa from Pakistan. UK Visa procession time from Pakistan is approximately 15 days

Step 1 Visa type

You must identify your Visa type before applying, read details regarding different types of visa and select your visa type

Step 2 Submit online application

The following link will lead you towards UK online visa form website. Provide your true details on the form. If hey find any false or incorrect information you might get visa refusal.


Step 3 Appointment

Book an appointment and submit your supporting documents at UK Visa application center, these centers are in Islamabad, Lahore, Mirpur & Karachi. All applicants must go through bio-metric process, that have few additional charges. Student visa process has an additional short interview on appointment day.

Step 4 Pay your Visa fee

Pay visa fee online at, if you don’t have debit or credit card, arrange any other person to pay on your behalf.

Step 5 Visit the visa center

Your arrival at visa center should be at least 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time on the appointment day. On this day you will handover your documents and will go through the bio-metric process.

Bring the documents mentioned in UK Visa requirement link

Note: Read UK visa requirements and UK visa documents guidelines before submitting your documents

Step 6 Application Decision

Your application decision would be communicated to you by two different ways

  1. Email
  2. SMS

Step 7 Collect your document

Get your documents from visa application center

Important aspects of UK Visa approval

Remain honest while submitting the applications, do not enter wrong information or submit fake or forged documents, if the visa is rejected in the past than enter proper reason or rejection.

The visa rejection rate for UK from Pakistan is very high. Provide as much documents as possible to convenience the visa counselor that you are going for a visit and will return on time.

The more ties to Pakistan you will show, the more it will be easier for you to get the visa. If you own property in Pakistan, then do mention it in form, and submit property documents.

If you are a taxpayer in Pakistan, then your tax returns of current year and several years will make your case stronger but makes sure that your income mentioned in visa processing forms and tax return will match.
UK visa counselors observe your accommodation deeply. So, mention bedrooms and other details of the house in which you will stay in UK. If the sponsor’s house has not enough space to accommodate you, your visa rejection chances will become higher.

Good well-known websites such as Agoda and are recommended for hotel booking, book your accommodation with a clause that if you would get visa refusal the booking will be cancelled.


UK Visa Requirements

All documents should be in English, if they are not in English, get them translated in English before applying.

  • Do not pins, staples or clip your documents
  • Torn, crumpled or heavily creased documents cannot be accepted. Therefore, they must be photocopied onto A4 sized paper before they are submitted.
  • Documents should not be laminated.


Make sure the photocopies must be clear & readable, their size should be A4

o   Passports

  • All old/expired
  • Current passport
  • Front page only

o   CNIC issued by Nadra

Original documents

o   Passport

  • More than 6 months validity
  • Must have one blank page

o   2 fresh photographs

o   Arrangements evidence

  • Letter of invitation
  • Sponsors status in the UK
  • Tour details
  • Flight details

o   Detailed Employment Letter that must include,

  • Approved leaves dates
  • Date hired
  • Salary
  • Position

o   In case you are dependent on someone e.g. student, housewife or child, then provide father/husband employment details


o   All income sources that are stated on application form i.e.

  • Pay slips
  • Letter from employer
  • Tax returns
  • Business registration documents
  • Bank statements
    • Bank letter
    • Business bank account statements
    • Balance certificate
  • Crop receipts

o   Education

  • Qualifications degrees and certificates

o   How you will manage to bear costs of the trip

  •  Your bank statements if paying personally

o   Travel details and accommodation

  • Conformation of hotel booking
  • Conformation of travel booking
  • Conformation of travel agent
  • Details of sponsor accommodation

o   Marital status

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Civil partnership certificate
  • Death certificate

o   Family members remaining in Pakistan

Other documentation

  • Correspondence
  • TB certificate
  • Documents of property
    • Mortgage statements
    • Property deed
    • Land registration documents

o   If the trip is sponsored by a company

  • Invitation Letter
    • Letter including your name
    • Passport number