Drivers Jobs In Dubai

Drivers Jobs In Dubai

Drivers Jobs In Dubai Those who dont like to work in an enclosed office or space and doesn’t have the basic qualification that is required for a particular job, then drivers jobs in Dubai are a viable option. You can earn for your living. There are many categories for drivers jobs in Dubai i.e. bus driver taxi driver or even a family driver. There are a lot of vacancies for drivers jobs in Dubai, and also these jobs have a huge demand.

Qualification For Drivers Jobs In Dubai

If you are applying for a drivers jobs in Dubai, you need to make a proper CV or resume that should have all the details related to your experience and practice mentioned. According to their requirements, you should be a trained and skillful driver, Who should be vigilant enough to drive safely. Obeying the traffic laws and rules would be very necessary for a safe and sound drive. You should have at least one year’s experience in driving, and also, a UAE driving license is mandatory if you are looking for drivers jobs in Dubai.

As a driver, you would need to keep up the car in a well-maintained condition and take care of its cleanliness and polishing on a regular basis. You should know how to carry out minor vehicle maintenance checks such as oil changing, tire changing, and replenishing fuel supplies. Also, if you are planning to apply for drivers jobs in Dubai, you need to have a basic knowledge of Dubai roads and should know about the driving laws and policies of the country.

Salary Range For Drivers Jobs In Dubai

If you are willing to work as a taxi driver in Dubai, you may earn up to 4500-5000 AED. Keeping in mind that you would have to work for 8-12 hours as per demand. You will earn according to the number of hours you work for.

The average salary for Drivers in Dubai is approximately 3500 AED. If you are working as a family driver, your pay range would be somewhere between 2500_3500 AED. The average salary that a truck driver earns per month is 2631 AED.

Drivers in Dubai can work in various departments depending on their own convenience and vacancy. They can work as a taxi driver, Bus driver, truck driver, delivery driver, Uber driver, part-time driver, family driver, and as a package delivery driver.

Their salaries vary according to the department they are working in and also the number of hours they work for.

Famous Industries For Drivers Jobs In Dubai

As a candidate who is seeking drivers jobs in Dubai, you can apply for many industries, and it includes trades, technology, marketing, hospitals, insurance, nursing, engineering, public service, government, and retail/sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do drivers earn in Dubai?

Taxi drivers earn up to 4500-5000 AED approximately, depending on the number of hours they work for. They are mostly required to work for 8-12 hours. The average salary of a driver in Dubai is 3500 AED.

What jobs are in demand in Dubai?

There are several jobs that have high demand, but among all those, there are a lot of vacancies for driver jobs in Dubai. Drivers can get to work in a lot of different departments and can earn according to the number of hours that they work for.

What is the highest paid driving job in Dubai?

Drivers who are really hardworking and are skillful can make a really good amount of money. Tank driver, Bus driver, Taxi driver, stunt driver, and Uber driver earns a huge amount of money depending on the hours that they work for.

How can I become a driver in Dubai?

In order to apply for a driver job in Dubai, you need to be 21 years minimum, and you also need to have one year of experience in driving. Dubai driving license is also mandatory for a candidate who is willing to work as a driver in Dubai.


Is it easy to get a job in Dubai?

Yes, if you are employed by a company in Dubai, it is very easy to maintain that job. Talking about drivers job in Dubai, there are a lot of vacancies for candidates who wants to apply, keeping in mind some basic requirements that need to be fulfilled before applying.


Do jobs in Dubai pay well?

There is not one specific answer to this question. There are various kinds of jobs by which you can earn a good amount of money while there are others which have extremely low pays. Drivers in Dubai do not earn a huge sum of money, though.


Do you usually get hired on the spot for jobs in Dubai?

No, you cannot get hired on the spot as there are many candidates that would have applied for jobs quite earlier than you. They are tested; their skills are checked and are interviewed. After that, they test the new candidates and check if they are appropriate for the job they have applied for.



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