UK offers 150000 Jobs for Pakistanis !!

UK  Demanded 150,000 Health Professionals From Pakistan There was a memorandum of understanding between Pakistan and the UK in which they promised to provide 150,000 Pakistani doctors, nurses, and medical staff to the UK for the health sector. Doctors Nurses Medical Staff A few days back, this memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between the … Read more

How to Speak English Fluently

How to Speak English Fluently How to Speak English Fluently Just Admit the Fact That It Is Robust and Challenging to Learn English. English Has Multiple Words with Different Meanings in Each Sentence. Each Word Is Pronounced Differently in Different Circumstances. Many Words Have the Same Pronunciation, But When We Spell Them, They Sound Different … Read more

Some Additional Tips to Keep Your Job

Some Additional Tips to Keep Your Job Maintaining Your Position Secure in An Organization Is A Task That Is Not Easy. It Needs Your Time and Dedication. Given Bellow Are Some Tips That May Help You: Keep Learning Do not stop your process of learning and development once you have a job. Keep on learning … Read more

How to Keep Your Job

Tips on How to Keep Your Job A Positive Attitude: In a working environment, a positive attitude towards everyone and everything is essential. Negative feelings towards your job or colleagues or the working conditions will only lower your levels of productivity. Your employer will perceive you as a demanding or annoying employee, and during layoffs, … Read more

4 ways to increase your salary

Selecting the negotiation strategy to increase your salary This article explains how to select negotiation strategy for opening a dialog of salary increment while getting the job offer. ┬áRight selection of negotiation strategy has the tendency to get initial salary increment or other non-monetary benefits. Negotiation Strategies Collaborating This is a problem-solving approach. Collaborative style … Read more

Exportable products of Swat Valley- Pakistan

Export Opportunity of Swat Swat is a beautiful valley; it is a land of abundant water, mountains and plants, it is famous for its scenic beauty, culture remains and orchards etc. It has a long rich remarkable history that can be traced back to 3000 B.C. Civil Conflict in Swat Unfortunately, This Beautiful land faced … Read more