Canada invites 4500 immigrants through Express Enter

The latest express entry draw was held on October 14, 2020, where immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada delivered a total of 4500 invitations. These invitations were issued to apply for permanent residence in Canada. This was Canada’s biggest express entry draw ever. The draw had a minimum comprehensive ranking score of 471 points in October. The coronavirus pandemic affected the draw schedules a lot.

The express entry rounds of invitations are held regularly by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada IRCC. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which is still ongoing and has affected several things, it seems like Canada’s government will complete its immigration targets for this year 2020. There are high volumes of invitations that are being delivered by the government.


There are three programs; the Federal skilled worker class, Federal skilled trade class, Canadian experience class. The candidates who are willing to enter the federal express entry pool must fulfill one of these three programs’ eligibility requirements. Creating an express entry profile is a must, and you should do it from the start. Additional CRS points should be awarded to those who already have a job.

Those candidates who have the highest scores in the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) are issued invitations to apply for Canada’s permanent residence through lucky draws; The express entry immigration system is highly competitive, and not all the candidates are selected. The regular draws for the selection of the candidates take place every two weeks. Factors such as age, education, skill, work experience, talent, and proficiency in English or French are considered while looking at the candidate’s comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

To get selected, you will be given a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score, which is wholly based on your personal information that you have provided previously; it includes your age, skill, qualification, job experience, and proficiency in English and French. Your CRS score will always be in number, which means it will be a numerical value.

After your profile has been completed and given with your CRS score, you will be placed into a pool of candidates categorized according to their CRS score. The federal government and the territorial government of Canada selects candidates from these people to issue ITAs.


After the completion of your profile under the Federal Express Entry System, you might receive an invitation for applying for permanent residence in Canada through the Federal government. You can receive an invitation to apply for provincial nomination. The higher your CRS score, the first you would be to get your ITA. After your CRS score meets the minimum cut off point for a particular draw, you will be given an ITA.


There are several ways to improve your CRS score if it is below the minimum cut-off points. One of the ways is to get enrolled in any of the provincial nomination programs that have express entry components. An additional of 600 points is added to the express entry candidates’ scores with a provincial nomination. If the provincial nomination gets accepted or approved, 600 CRS points will be added to the invited candidates. The additional points can favor them in future draws.


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