Canada Green Card Lottery 2020/2021

Canada Green Card Lottery 2020/2021

Find Out All the Information Regarding the Canadian Green Card Lottery Program, 2020/2021.

In the United States of America, a Green Card is an official document that allows an immigrant to gain the status of a permanent resident. An individual with a green card can live, study, work and reside permanently in the USA. There are certain benefits enjoyed by those individuals who have been awarded the green card of the USA.

A Canadian Green Card?

Canada, on the other hand, does not have a green card. Individuals who are presented with the permanent residency of Canada by the Canadian government are given a “Permanent Residency Card.” So, the green card of the USA is equivalent to Canada’s permanent residency card. In the article below, I will highlight how you can get the permanent residency card of Canada and all the benefits related to the permanent residency of Canada.

What is the Green Card Lottery?

Green Card Lottery is an immigration program introduced by the USA. According to this program, the permanent residency of the USA is awarded to over 50,000 individuals every year. It is called a lottery because the selection of an individual for permanent residency is purely based on luck.

However, Canada does not have such a lottery program. The Canadian government has not yet offered any program according to which individuals may be awarded permanent residency of Canada as a lottery. Therefore, if you see any platform on the internet telling you about any green card lottery program of Canada, do not follow it. All of those programs offered online are fake and try to scam those individuals who have a lack of information. On the other hand, you can get the permanent residency of Canada through several Canadian visa programs.

Benefits of Canadian Green Card

Individuals having a Green card, or the permanent residency card of Canada enjoy certain benefits.

  • The Most Significant Benefit of a Canadian Green Card Is That You Can Live, Study, And Work in Any Part of Canada. Your Status Is Legally Is the Same as That of a Canadian Local.
  • Immigrants Living in Canada Pay Extra Fees on Most of Their Activities, Such as Study. If You Have the Green Card, You Won’t Have an Additional Fee for Any of Your Actions.
  • After Living for A While as A Permanent Residence, You Can Apply and Become A Full Canadian Citizen.
  • Being A Permanent Resident Allows You to Be Protected by Canadian Laws. You Will Be Given Your Civil Rights, And You Will Have to Perform Specific Duties.
  • Those Duties Include Paying Taxes and Abiding by The Canadian Laws as Well as Performing Other Duties That a Canadian Citizen Must Perform.

Canada does not have a green card lottery program. You can only get the permanent residency of Canada through different visa programs. Only the highly skilled individuals are likely to get the permanent residency of Canada due to the point-based system. Therefore, don’t get scammed by those platforms who are offering you a Canadian Green Card Lottery Program.

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