Call Center Job in Dubai

Call Center Job in Dubai

Call Center Agent Job Summary

Call Center Job in Dubai As a call center agent, you must direct both incoming and outgoing customer calls for a business. You would be expected to answer the customer’s queries, resolve their issues, and complain that they are reading the company’s products and services and place the customer’s online orders in the system. You also have to inform the customers about the product features and description through recorded voice and other online interactions.

Responsibilities of Call Center Job in Dubai

Answer the customer’s calls in a professional tone and respond to their emails within the given time limit.

  1. You have to direct the customer’s calls to appropriate users.
  2. If any issues occur in the customer’s orders, you have to identify them and resolve them. If you cannot do that all by yourself, you have to report it to the concerned supervisors.
  3. A good agent is expected to research the product before providing any detailed information to the customers.
  4. You have to improve your daily performance and hit the targeted goal that has been set for you by your supervisor.

Skillset of Call Center Job in Dubai

Hiring a skillful call center agent who would provide the best customer service experience at a call center is very important. As a supervisor, you should be very observant and seek the following skills in call center agents:

As a call service agent, you need to be very patient. You might be asked about the same query and receive the same complaint several times by different customers, but even then, you need to answer it in a very calm and composed tone.

As an agent, you should be very clear in communication with the customers. Using a formal and professional tone while answering all their questions in detail is expected from you. Effective communication is the way to successful customer service, and that includes listening to the customer’s issue, digesting the information, and providing the customer with an effective solution.

Suppose a customer tells you about any issue that he has been facing in his order. In that case, you have to show him a positive attitude in turn, that gives the customer satisfaction that their problem would be looked upon and resolved by the agents.

If you are aiming to work in a high-quality call center, you would be expected to be incredibly organized. This means you have to hold on up to several tasks all at once, like keeping yourself updated, preserving a record of all the sales, and attending the customer’s calls, and responding to their queries.

You need to project a warm and friendly attitude towards your customers, whether in person or on call. An agent, you need to have a continuous positive attitude and a smile on your face in the call center. As a result of keeping a friendly attitude in the call center, customers will praise their experience with you, which would create an impressive image of the call center.

One of the skills that you should possess as a skillful agent is working with a creative mind. It would help if you came up with workable solutions for the customers’ problems and issues. Creative solutions can meet the customers as well as the company’s needs. In turn, this would satisfy the customer, and the chances are that the customer might do the business with the same company again.

Salary Range If Call Center Job in Dubai

The call center agent or representative earns an average salary of AED 3,371 per month in Dubai. The tenure for a call center representative in Dubai is one year.

If you seek a call center representative job, you should have a minimum of one year of experience in the past in any organization or company. It would help if you had an excellent spoken English as well as Arabic. You are also required to have phone etiquettes and a friendly way of communicating with the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies you to work in the call center Dubai?

A few skills are required to get qualified as an agent in the call center, but the most basic one is to have excellent communication skills. Listening to the customer’s issues and understanding every detail of it and then providing an efficient solution for it is expected from a call center agent.

Is the call center job a dead-end job?

No, call center job is not a dead-end job anymore. It depends on an agent’s hard work and how effectively and efficiently he is performing. It also depends on whether he is accomplishing his daily goals or not.


What are the three most difficult things about working in a call center?

Many factors can cause stress to an agent, but the three most difficult ones with which an agent has to deal are :

  • Overwhelming job demands
  • Lack of appropriate awards
  • Inconsistencies between performance expectations and evaluations

How do you greet someone in the call center?

As an agent, you have to talk in a very friendly and polite tone to a customer on call. You have to greet them initially and say a few words as an introduction about your company or the organization you are working in. You can start off with “Hello, thank you for calling. How may I help you ?”

What do you say to a rude customer in the call center?

If a customer calls you and tells you about the issue that they have faced in a slightly rude tone, as an agent, you are expected to calm them down. You probably have to apologize for the inconvenience that they have faced because of the company’s service.

As an agent, you have to try your level best to work and resolve their issues.

Is it hard working in a call center?

One of the biggest problems faced by the agents in call centers is the high turnover rate. There could be many reasons behind this, but the major ones are lack of training and experience.

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