About Us

Welcome to evisajobs.com. This is an information sharing website for those who want to excel but don’t know where the opportunity exists. We focus on keeping the information handy and easily understandable. We are here to reduce unemployment rate in Pakistan & all of our activities will be directed towards exploring new opportunities in international job market and in exporting products and services from Pakistan to the rest of the world.
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If you want to get international exposure while financially supporting your family then you are on the right platform. evisajobs.com provides you UpToDate information regarding jobs offered in gulf states and in European countries and will try to help you in getting the visa by providing with visa acceptance secrets and processes.

How Can I Get Visa Easily !!

Secondly! Our team of expert researchers will highlight the production capabilities of our country. We invite you to find demand of Pakistani products and develop the mechanism to fulfill that demand.

For those who are interested in Pakistan’s exports or working outside Pakistan, Click Here. We hope you will find something of your interest to start earning in different currencies.

Our consultancy department helps individual in getting their dream job, and we are specialized in making export mechanism and fulfilling all the requirements to start export business in Pakistan. We have highly educated and experience team in the field of international job market and in terms of identifying local business production capacity. We only serve in Pakistan and we believe in working organically not online. We have a team of professionals that can understand your requirements, and challenges you might face in export market. They are helpful, honest and highly educated.

Our Services

We groom you for the job, that contains, building your CV, preparing you for the interview and equipping with all necessities that the job required.

We help those who want to start exporting business, our services include

  • Company Registration
  • NTN Number
  • Developing export mechanism

Our team will work personally with you. We deliver the tools, and try to implement all tools, to start your exporting business