A Guide to Canada Immigration Visa Programs

A Guide to Canada Immigration Visa Programs

Find Out About Immigration Programs Offered by Canada And Details Regarding Each of The Offered Programs in The Article Below.

Over 200,000 foreigners migrate to Canada every year for different purposes, such as employment, tourism, study, etc. Canada welcomes immigrants from all over the world as they considerably amplify the growing Canadian economy. I will mention different immigration visa programs offered by Canada in this article. Details regarding some of the most popular immigration programs in Canada can be found in the article below.

Canadian Immigration Visa Programs

The Canadian government offers over 80 different visa programs to immigrants from other countries. These visa programs include work visas, study visas, tourist visas, and permanent resident visas.

Major Categories for Canada Immigration Visa Programs:

  • Federal and Quebec Skilled worker programs: Canadian government selects and invites individuals to become the permanent residents of Canada. Their selection is based on their education, work experience, proficiency of English or French, and other important factors. The selected candidates are those who the Canadian government believes to be economically stable and established. Quebec is Canada’s only francophone province, and just like the federal skilled worker program, Quebec has its skilled worker program.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs: All the Canadian provinces and their other territories have their nominee programs. These programs allow the provinces to select individuals from the federal government’s Express Entry Draw system and enables them to apply for the provincial nominee program. This program enables the individual to migrate to Canada permanently.
  • Federal self-Employed Immigration Program: This program allows you to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed individual. You can immigrate to Canada and start your business there. This visa program is for the permanent residency of Canada. You must have relevant experience in cultural and athletic activities to apply for this visa program.
  • Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program: This visa program is for those individuals who have one year of work experience in Canada and want to apply for the permanent residency of Canada. Your selection for this visa program depends on several factors, such as education, English language proficiency, etc.
  • Family Class Sponsorship: You can sponsor your family to live in Canada if you are a Canadian citizen, a person holding permanent residency of Canada, or a person living in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act. Your family members are allowed to live, study, or work in Canada under this visa program.

How to Identify Which Canada Immigration Program Best Suites You?

Looking into the eligibility criteria of each of the visa programs, you can easily find out which one of the programs suits you. If you have higher education, you are better of applying for the skilled worker visas. If you have already worked in Canada, you can apply for the experience class program.

In Conclusion, Canada Offers Over 80 Visa Programs, And Citizens from Countries All Over the World Can Freely Apply for The Visa Programs. Apply Now and Try Your Luck in Getting Permanent Residency in Canad