4 Steps to Get Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration 2020

Canada is among few top best countries where people prefer to live, Canada is even better than UK and America. The biggest reason for top ranking is immigration policies and laws, therefore many citizens of Pakistan including students, workers and professionals migrate there for high earnings and better life. But immigration for Canada is a-bit technical, and policies of Canada is different for different people who tends to migrate. Family class category include common-law partners of spoons, there immigration processing time frame is from 6 months to 1 year. Canadian government had lessened the processing time because they are welcoming 64,000 new permanent residents in family class category

4 steps to Get Canadian immigration

I am writing this article to provide necessities that will simplify Canada immigration process for you.

Step 1 Assessment

Before applying for Canada immigration process, go to following link for Canada immigration assessment.


 Step 2. Representative

A person who will act as you ambassador and will take your case for immigration processor the

Step 3 Documents

Get your documents ready

Step 4 Profile submission

Fulfill all the criteria to get maximum score, your scores will be based on information available in your profile, so provide data that will help in maximizing the score for Canadian immigration.

You will need to score more than 66 to get immigration.

  • Its better not to apply for Canada if you have any past criminal record, if you are convicted in any minor or serious crime that is illegal in your country or in Canada, then its better not to apply, there are high chances of refusal.
  • Financial reasons in one of the prime reasons for refusal, provide strong evidence to show that you can afford your living or your family living in Canada.
  • Don’t travel to Canada with an inadmissible family member, because the in admissibility of your family member will become your inadmissibility.
  • Never provide any false information specially if this information is related to decisions made under IRPA

Secret to get Canada visa

If you have any approach to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan, then do request them to provide a letter to request embassy to Canada to give you a visa, if you got succeeded in getting this letter you there are 99% chances to get the visa