16 Best Apps to Make Free International Calls

Want to Make Free International Calls???

Globalization has modified our world into a global village. Our businesses, employment, relationships, and social circles have been enlarged. We are inevitably connected to the whole world due to technological development.

All of us have either employment, businesses, relatives, or friends in a foreign country. Connecting to people in a foreign country is difficult and highly expensive. International roaming is costly and very difficult to manage.

But, to work and socialize, we must communicate with those living in a foreign country. Now you don’t have to worry about calling someone in a foreign country…  In this article, I will tell you about 16 different apps that you can use to call people in a foreign country.

How to Make International Calls for Free?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to call internationally without any cost. All the apps mentioned below use VoIP technology.

16 Apps to Make Free International Calls

  • WhatsApp: The first application which you can use to call overseas for free is WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp, you can do voice and video calls. You can also send text messages. Moreover, you can even send documents through WhatsApp of up to 100 MB.
  • FaceTime: FaceTime is an app that is only available on Apple If you are trying to communicate with an apple user in a foreign country, you can use the FaceTime app to do voice or video calls. The important thing to remember is that FaceTime is only available for Apple users. Android users cannot use FaceTime.
  • Skype: Another fantastic app which you can use to make free international calls is Skype. Skype is available on Android, Apple, and Windows. Using Skype, you can send text messages and do voice and video calls for free.
  • Rebtel: Rebtel is a unique application which is available in over 53 countries of the world. The unique thing about Rebtel is that you can call other Rebtel users in other countries without Data or WIFI connection. Rebtel uses local mobile numbers and allows you to call other Rebtel users in over 53 countries. However, if you are not in a country that Rebtel supports, you will need a WIFI or a data connection to complete the free calls.
  • Viber: Another highly rated and very popular app used to make free international calls is Viber. You need to install the Viber app on your mobile device. When you open the Viber app, you will see all those contacts in your phone that are connected to the Viber app. You can select the contact which you want to call or send a text message to.
  • IMO: IMO is extraordinary in its way. You are aware of the fact that you need a decent 3G internet connection or a WIFI to do voice or video calls through some apps. IMO can also work even if you have a 2G

Secondly, All the voice calls and chats are encrypted, so you will not face any security issues.

You can have a group call with up to 6 other IMO users

  • PopTox: PopTox is a unique app. You can use PopTox to make free international calls. But the other person does not need to have the PopTox application in their phone for the call to be completed.

All you need is an internet connection to call anyone on their regular cell phone using the PopTox app from your mobile phone.

However, there is a limit of calls per day. If you want to have unlimited calls, you need to buy the premium version of the PopTox application.


  • LINE: LINE is not only an app used to make free calls, but it also has other excellent features.

You can call any number in the world using the LINE app. The recipient of the call does not need to have the LINE app.

  • However, the LINE app allows you to call any number for only 5 minutes.
  • Apart from free international calls, you can also send text messages, share voice notes, videos, and documents using the LINE app.
  • LINE also has social media features where you can see what your friends have posted or shared.
  • LINE also provides you with news which you can read on the LINE app.


  • Vonage Mobile: Vonage Mobile is an old app that was made during the starting days of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You can still install Vonage Mobile. The application allows you to do voice and video call internationally without any cost. The recipient of the call needs to have Vonage Mobile application in their device.

Apart from live calls, you can also send video messages to any other Vonage Mobile user if you don’t want to call.

Vonage Mobile is available to install for both android and Apple users.


  • Tango: Another useful application that allows you to call internationally for free is called Tango.

You can use Tango to call internationally for free to any of these countries:

  1. United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Mexico
  4. India

Using Tango, you can call other countries as well. Still, it will cost an amount, which will most probably be lower than the regular international calling rates.


  • VoipBuster: This application is available on PC as well as on your mobile devices.

However, VoipBuster does not allow video calls or text messages. You can use this application to do free voice calls internationally.


  • VoipStunt: This application is also owned by the same company that owns VoipBuster. Both apps work in specific countries. Upon using, if one of the apps doesn’t work in your country, you can install the other one.

Both apps allow unlimited voice calls but do not allow video calls or text messages.


  • Voxofon: Launched in 2008, Voxofon was one of the first applications which provided VoIP. This app is still functional and is available to install on mobile or computer devices.

Using this application, you can do free voice and video calls internationally. You can also send text messages to any other Voxofon user.

Moreover, Pictures and videos can also be sent through this application for free.


  • WeChat: If you need to make a call to China, WeChat is the best option.

WeChat allows you to make free voice and video calls internationally. You can even have great group calls using the WeChat application.

WeChat is extremely popular in China because it also provides social media features. WeChat is relatively more popular than Facebook in China.

However, it can be used to call anywhere in the world. The application is available to install on your android, apple, or computer devices.


  • Google Voice: Google Voice is a limited application because it allows you to make free voice calls only between the USA and Canada.

Google powers the app, and it gives each of its users a specific number. Therefore, you don’t have to share your actual number to anyone.


  • com: this is the last application on this list, and it is Paid. This application is perfect for high quality and sophisticated calls such as calls for business purposes.

It is a paid application which gives you certain excellent perks or benefits:

  1. Complimentary 1-800 Number
  2. Voice to Email
  3. Fax to Email
  4. Call Routing
  5. Auto Attendant
  6. Hold Music
  7. HD Conferencing
  8. SMS/Text Messaging

The perks mentioned above are not available on any of the free applications discussed above. If you want to focus on your business in a foreign country and enhance your relationship with overseas customers, Phone.com is an excellent option.


This article provides you detailed information on 16 different applications that allow you to communicate internationally free of cost.

You can use these applications to carry out voice and video calls. These applications also allow you to send text messages.

Some of these applications also allow you to send voice and video messages. You can also share photos, videos, and documents using these apps.

To select which application is best for you, you need to keep in mind three important things:

  1. The Country Which You Want to Call.
  2. The Quality of Your Internet Connection.
  3. The Type of Communication You Want to Do, (Voice Call, Video Call Or SMS)

You must be aware of the country you want to connect with. Some of the applications may be banned in certain countries. Therefore, you need to make sure the app which you are using is functional in the country of the recipient.

The quality of your internet connection is important. Some applications require a good connection to work. Other applications, such as IMO, can also work on a 2G connection. Therefore, your connection determines which app is best for you.

Some apps only offer voice calls, while others offer video calls and text messages as well. You can select the best app for you by choosing which form of online communication you want to do.

I Hope After Reading This Article Carefully, You Will Now Be Able to Communicate Internationally Free of Cost.

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